SNGF: A Poem – “Where I’m From”

Saturday Night means Genealogy Fun Night over at Genea-Musings! This week, Randy Seaver has challenged us to write a poem in the template from George Ella Lyon, a version of which can be found here. Here’s my attempt at it!

“Where I’m From”

I am from Saturday morning cartoons, my little ponies, fruit roll-ups, MTV videos and jelly sandals.

I am from the lush, humid heat of still Texas summers; I am from the dry, crackling heat of stormy Idaho summers made pungent with smoke from the wildfires.

I am from the bluebonnets and the sagebrush, the syringa and the white pine.

I am from farmers and pioneers, Gobles, Salmons, Hagues, Audisses, Elliotts, Perretts, and McDonalds.

I am from the ones who couldn’t settle, and the ones who never would.

From the eastern shore to the western shore, over hill and dale, mountain and valley, north and south, fried okra and corn bread, wallpaper scraps used as Christmas cards and Thanksgiving wishbones wrapped in foil on Christmas trees.

From the one who came home from the Civil War with a peg leg and lice to the one who didn’t come home from the Civil War at all, and the grandmothers who wouldn’t drive to those who wouldn’t let anyone stop them.

I am from knitters and tailors who made the quilt that wraps ’round me, I am from the jewelers that made the jewelry that adorns me, and I am from the soldiers and trail-blazers who made the world possible around me.

© 2011, copyright Genealady & JustFolks


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  1. Nice work! I particularly liked “those who wouldn’t let anyone stop them.” I have a bunch of similarly determined women in my family tree.

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