Saturday Night Genealogy Fun – My Heritage Pie Chart!

Over at Genea-Musings, Randy Seaver started a tradition of ‘Saturday Night Genealogy Fun,’ and tonight’s challenge was to list my 16 great-great-grandparents along with birth and death information, marriage information where available, and – for the extra challenge – try to make up a pie chart showing their ethnicity or national origins. Since my family lines have been rolling around the United States since before its conception, I’ll just stick with the state they were born in, which is still mainly luck, since they were a very migratory lot. 

1. John Allen Elliott: Born in Shelby Co., Alabama, on June 22, 1852.  Married July 20, 1879 in Kaufman Co., Texas. Died in Stamford, Jones, Texas on April 7, 1929.

2. Nancy “Nannie” Ellen Young: Born in Marion Co., Georgia on July 13, 1860. Died in Jones Co., Texas on July 29, 1950.

3. Robert David Salmon: Born in Troup, Texas on Dec. 5, 1867. Married Dec. 31, 1889. Died in Stamford, Jones Co., Texas on Oct 26, 1940.

4. Josephine A Moore: Born in Texas on Oct. 23, 1873. Died in San Angelo, Tom Green Co., Texas on March 15, 1915.

5. George Washington Perrett: Born in Mississippi on Sept. 9, 1852. Married May 18, 1881. Died in California on June 12, 1928.

6. Mary Elizabeth Bell: Born in Mississippi on Feb. 6, 1865. Died in Tarrant Co., Texas on Oct. 17, 1908.

7. David Alexander Scott: Born in Georgia on Oct. 31, 1863. Married Sept. 1, 1883 in Bedford Co., Tennessee. Died in Pushmataha Co., Oklahoma on Dec. 24, 1927.

8. Mary Elizabeth Foster: Born in Tennessee in September of 1863. Died in Tarrant Co., Texas, on Jan. 13, 1908.

9. Franklin A McDaniel/McDonald: Born in Rock Co., Illinois on July 24, 1840. Married in Rock Island Co., Illinois on Jan. 22, 1863. Died in Blue Hills (presumed Webster Co.), Nebraska on Jan. 19, 1926.

10. Fidelia J. Frazier: Born in Illinois on June 19, 1845. Died in Salt Lake City, Utah, on May 31, 1911.

11. Ezekiel Ayres/Ayers Goble: Born in Lee Co., Illinois on Nov. 16, 1844. Married in Illinois on April 16, 1871. Died in Hastings, Nebraska, on March 7, 1909.

12. Caroline Cornell: Born in Illinois on May 18, 1852. Died in Hastings, Nebraska, in Dec. 1942.

13. John Lyman Audiss: Born in Wisconsin on Aug. 22, 1848. Married Dec. 23, 1879. Died after 1905.

14. Viola Alice Gibbs: Born in Winona, Minnesota, on Dec. 15, 1862. Died in San Bernardino, California, in August 1939.

15. Isaac Studebaker Hague: Born in Auglaize Co., Ohio on Aug. 23, 1863. Married in New Knoxville, Auglaize Co., Ohio on Dec. 28, 1884. Died in Fairfield, Solano Co., California on Feb. 21, 1922.

16. Emma Rhodes: Born in New Knoxville, Auglaize Co., Ohio on July 28, 1866. Died in Fairfield, Solano Co., California, on Mar. 28, 1928.

As I’ve always known, my mother’s heritage is northern and my father’s is southern, but if I put it in straight numbers, I am just a mutt. :)


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