Reclaiming the Mojo

I’ve been absent from the blogging world since November, more or less. Part of that was due to holidays and dealing with my parents’ health issues, but part of it was pure writer’s block. But I am here to tell you a cure has been found for writer’s block! That’s right, a CURE!

Every Friday night, Thomas MacEntee hosts a wonderful geneabloggers radio show – it’s approaching its 50th in fact! Tonight’s was a great show on handling information overload. And then, as usual, folks gathered at to play music and hang out. To these lovely people, I wave and thank them for helping me rediscover my blogging mojo. You see, the world absolutely must know the following odd and interesting facts:

  • Thomas MacEntee asks, “What do gay horses eat? -> “Hay, girl!”
  • Did you know that increased oxygen flow can actually alleviate heart issues, like arrhythmia?
  • GeneaBloggers don’t die – they just become geneaphantoms on the channel, including Barbara Mathews and Joshua Taylor, who logged in and never logged out, appearing yet to this day!
  • An all-bacon diet is endorsed by 1 out of 4 geneabloggers, but don’t end up like Paula Deen, pelted with ham.
  • Thomas is very good about keeping secrets about conference locations in 2014. :(
  • Lisa Alzo safetydances!
  • And last, but not least, you, too, can re-find your muse at the GB radio show after-party! Join us next week!
(This was all meant in fun, and a major thank-you to the folks I got to hang with tonight – I feel reinspired. Thank you! :) )

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Reclaiming the Mojo — 3 Comments

  1. Dana – So glad you’re back! I’ve had my problems with blogger’s block too! You can tell from the enormous length of time between my posts. Yuck!
    Your cure sounds fun! One of these Friday nights I’ll have to hang out with you guys!
    Looking forward to your future posts!
    Good Luck!

  2. Hey Dana! Welcome back! Interested in doing a highlight of your blog on our blog? We are starting to gain momentum and an audience (FB and Blog). We are planning on highlighting genealogy bloggers in Idaho. Interested? Maybe you can give us some tips along the way!
    Christa K

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