Society Saturday: The Stylin’ J.M. Howe

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I finally was able to get back to volunteering at the Nez Perce County Historical Society today after several weeks away due to vacations, family problems and simple scheduling problems. I spent two hours down in the basement again, but I wasn’t de-framing photos this time. Instead, I was sorting and labelling items that had been donated to NPCHS over the years  – you would not believe the range of things! Some people figured if it was old, it deserved to be in there, including machetes and whale bones with no connection to our region. Some of that, depending on condition, will likely be donated to more fitting repositories, so someone has to go through and sort stuff before the decisions are made. That was me. I’ll be continuing it next week, but it doesn’t make for the most interesting snapshot, so instead, for today’s Society Saturday, I present you with the promised photo of Jonathon Morris Howe that I got from Steven Branting at the Idaho Genealogical Society’s Annual Meeting (covered in depth here).

Mr. Branting found this photo of J. M. Howe, the first I had ever seen, not in a local newspaper, but  in the City of Portland, Oregon. It was found in the publication “The Oregon Souvenir” (1892), p. 171. Presuming the photo was contemporary, he was in his mid-40s when this was taken, and would die only two years later, leaving a widow, Ella M. (Ritchie) Howe and a daughter, Idene, still in childhood.

J M Howe, courtesy of Steven Branting

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