SNGF: Matrilineal Madness!

Tonight being Saturday night, it’s Genealogy Fun Night at Genea-Musings! Tonight’s suggestion was to list our matrilineal lines (or our father’s or someone else’s, depending on preferences). Since getting my father’s Y-DNA test results back, I’ve been thinking a lot about my matrilineal line in contrast and the mitochondrial tests that go along with that, so this seems to have spooky, yet perfect, timing! I chose to go with my maternal grandmother’s matrilineal line to protect the privacy of living individuals, so I will begin with my great-grandmother:

  1. Dana (me!)
  2. My Mom
  3. My mom’s mom
  4. Lelah Enola Hague (1896 Van Wert Co., OH – 1979 Santa Cruz Co., CA) married Frank Martin Audiss
  5.  Emma Rhodes (1866 Auglaize Co., OH – 1928 Solano Co., CA) married Isaac Studebaker Hague
  6. Maria Cozad (1837 Auglaize Co., OH – 1910 Auglaize Co., OH) married Ira Graves Rhodes
  7. Mercy Hall (1819 OH – ?) married Woodard Cozad
  8. ???

The trail ends there. And it makes me realize how very little I know about my matrilineal line. Randy at Genea-Musings asked us to say what this inspired us to do – well, it’s inspired me to work more on the Cozad/Hall part of this line! I want to know more about Mercy – and who WAS her mother?

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SNGF: Matrilineal Madness! — 3 Comments

  1. You’ve inspired me! I’m off to list my matrilineal lines! Obviously I’m used to seeing the names in a pedigree chart but this list intrigues me. I’m thinking, like you, I’ll see some of the holes I have in my history. Places where I should concentrate my research.
    This will be fun! Thanks, Dana!

    • Thank Randy’s SNGF challenges, not me! Hehe, but you’re welcome! I agree about the holes – we spend SO much time chasing paternal lines because the surnames are easier to follow and the men are easier to trace, but darnit, those women were half the equation! They deserve to be documented! So…off I go. :)

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