Society Saturday: The Idaho Genealogical Society

Usually my Society Saturday posts are all about the Nez Perce County Historical Society and museum, but today is a special day and a special trip for me I thought deserved mentioning. I haven’t joined any local genealogical societies yet, though I keep meaning to (you know, that ‘I mean to…’ list everyone has in the back of their drawer, that they keep ‘meaning to’ get to? Yeah, that one). But a few weeks ago, my mother saw an article about the state-wide genealogical society meeting being in a local town, and I thought – why not! So I sent in the registration fee and I’m about to go meet a few of the local members for a carpool trip to see how it goes. I will include a better idea of the schedule and the day’s events later today, so check back for an update!

UPDATE: See my run-down on the meeting here.

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