31WBGB: Week 12 – Come Up With 10 Post Ideas

This week’s challenge from the 31 Weeks to a Better Genealogy Blog over at Tonia’s Roots was one of my favorites so far – what blogger can’t use more post ideas? I tend to keep a tally of one or two in a notebook in my EverNote program and pull them out in case I’m having trouble thinking of things to write about. But this take on things – using recent posts to brainstorm new, related and even opposite topics – is brilliant! Never thought of it, but definitely useful, so I made my mindmap on paper using my last five posts (I didn’t think the two meme posts would be useful, but they actually really were!) and these were the ones I decided to keep for future use:


  1. Another/more posts about my saga in trying to get organized (got that genealogy program, but I still have to /file/ everything…)
  2. Review/summarize my genealogy education thus far, perhaps highlighting my current class or program of study with the Salt Lake Community College
  3. Top X-mas Gifts on the Wish-List of your GeneaTechie this year
  4. A new/updated version of my ‘Defining Going Pro’ series with my notes from Tristan Tolman’s lectures at the 2011 UGA Conference.
  5. Spotlight a relative that I’m working on as I go about reentering all my data/sources into Rootsmagic by hand
  6. Transcribe newspapers about my own relatives and add analysis
  7. Dreaming of Lecturing – if I were to become a genealogy lecturer, just what would my niche be?
  8. How to cold call a relative
  9. Tips for reading German genealogy records
  10. How to handle disturbing family secrets discovered in research
I’m not sure I like all of them, or that I will even write about all of them. A few of them I already have added to my to-do list, but some I’m just not sure about. If there’s anything that strikes you as interesting, helpful or that you’d like to see, let me know!
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31WBGB: Week 12 – Come Up With 10 Post Ideas — 6 Comments

  1. I actually like all of them! If I have to choose just a few I’d love to hear about 1, 2, 5, and 7 — but they all do seem really interesting. And I’m impressed that you had ideas sketched out already — I’m just never that far ahead of things!!

  2. Well, it wasn’t a ton, but I have ideas come to me, so I’d just a note in EverNote on my phone when they did. I fear having nothing to write about. XD And thanks, I’ll move those to the top of the list!

  3. I haven’t gotten this far on 31 Weeks but I’m anxious to after reading your post! You have great ideas for the future and like you said who can’t use more post ideas!
    I especially am interested in #1 and #2. Organizing is a continuing project for me too and I’m also very interested in what’s out there in genealogy education. I don’t know that I want to go pro but I’d like to be a better genealogist for my own research. Looking forward to these posts.
    Good Luck!

  4. Ok Dana, I’m not sure if you remember meeting me, but we met at the IGS Annual Conference in October. I’ve been working on our blog (and working on strengthening our blog team) and I think you would be a great asset to our blogging team. Let me know if you’re interested. Even if you are writing for your own blog, and you think your article would be applicable to the IGS audience, it would be fabulous to have your permission and post your blogs as a IGS blog contributor, as opposed to me having a link that says check out justfolks.us blog. Let me know what you think!

    I’ve got a few more goals to add to your list.
    1. Become a contributor to the IGS Blog
    2. Become a IGS Board member in an effort to bring Idaho genealogy into the 21st century. (We do our meetings by Skype! 3rd Sunday each month at noon)
    2. Also, I’m working on convincing the Board that we need workshops. I need to find people in these communities that would help us bring this goal together. Maybe we can work together in creating genealogy workshops in North, Central, and Eastern Idaho to grow our genealogy networks and you could also begin your teaching/lecturing adventures!

    Love your blog by the way! Keep it up!
    Christa Klemme

  5. Christa – Hi. We’ve never met but I recently moved to Meridian and have seen what great things you’ve done in the past for IGS. I was previously the Curator of the Henney History Room at the Conway (NH) Public Library where I was spending about 75% of my time helping folks with their family histories. I’m also a student in the Boston University Genealogy Certificate pr9gram, and I’d enjoy exchanging ideas with you, if you can find a few minutes here and there. Ed Stevens (ed_stevens@post.harvard.edu)

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