Wisdom Wednesday: The Wisdom(?) of My Family’s Women

Wisdom is passed down in every family, but in my family it all seems to come from the women (that has all sorts of possible connotations and jokes to be made that I will just side-step for the sake of any family reading this… >.>). I wanted to share a few of the sayings that I have heard so many times that they have become etched on my mind’s eye, always flickering into my peripheral vision, whether the advice is useful or not in a given situation. Usually, though, it is.

My mother’s favorite, which inspired this blog’s title: “We’re all just folks.” In other words, get over yourself and also be proud of who you are. Nobody’s more special than another.

My mother’s mother’s favorite: “This, too, shall pass.” Also a favorite of mine to remember and recite in times of difficulty.

My father’s paternal grandmother had several she was known for, but two in particular have always stuck with me:

  • “There’s an equal number of bad days and good days in life. It might seem like there’s a lot of bad ones just now, but there will come good ones again, just wait. It all balances out.”
  • “There’s more room on the outside than the inside.”

Yes, my great-grandmother used that last one to encourage her grandson to fart when he was feeling gassy. And it’s been passed down as approval to be flatulent. Wisdom is wisdom; it’s not always profound, but sometimes it’s more important when it’s useful. I…think.

What kind of wisdom has been passed down by the women in your family? Serious? Silly? Useful or less so?

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