Sunday’s Obituary: Robert David Salmon (1867-1940)

Obituary of Robert David Salmon


Found between the pages of my great-grandmother’s bible was this small obituary for her father, Robert “Bob” David Salmon. There are few photos of him, as this obituary states, and I’d not seen this one before I found this tucked inside her bible. He was ill for quite a while before he passed, and I have a whole packet of get-well letters written to him by friends and coworkers at WTU, which is the West Texas energy plant where he worked in San Angelo, Texas, for many years.

Unfortunately, Bob remained in the hospital near his daughter, my great-grandmother, Fredda Elliott (named as Mrs. M. E. Elliott in the obituary) for some time and never did recover. He died in 1940 at 72.  He is buried in the same cemetery where my great-grandparents and grandparents would later be laid to rest.

The Passing of a Friend

A familiar figure around the power plant at San Angelo is seen no more – but he’s not forgotten. He’d never had many pictures taken. Friends, however, found the photo shown here of Robert David Salmon, 72, who died last October 26, at the home of a daughter, Mrs. M. E. Elliott, in Stamford. It is published now in memory of a loyal WTUer who left behind a host of friends.

Mr. Salmon had been with WTU for 19 years, first in the construction department and for the last three years as night watchman at the Concho power plant. WTUers who had known and admired him for years served as his pallbearers at his burial in Stamford: Olin Thames, Al Stein, Mart Cochran, Bill Camfield, Jimmy Williams, W. E. Renfro, A. McMillan, and Jack Carson.

His passing removed a beloved character…one of the many who’ve contributed to the WTU traditions through the years and have helped to build a great service institution based on friendship and loyalty and a personal interest in one another.

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