What’s your genealogy “endzone celebration”?

The Infamous Endzone Celebration - not just in sports!

They’re famous in football and many other sports: the endzone/touchdown/goal-made celebration: a funky dance, a proposal to a cheerleader, a run-and-jump into a teammate or even the onlookers – they are all loved and hated by many, lamented as idiotic and lauded as awesome.

But I don’t think they’re found only in sports.

See, the thing is, I’ve realized that I, too, have a touchdown celebration in my genealogy research. Maybe it comes after a flash of inspiration to check a certain database, or maybe it comes after searching for hours fruitlessly, only to finally make a connection in the strangest, most serendipitous way. Or maybe hard work finally paid off. Regardless of the situation, when I find that ancestor I’ve been looking for, and I’m quite sure it’s them, I get this goofy little smile on my face, tilt my head to the left so I’m looking at the computer screen almost sideways and crow in glee: “Found you!”

It’s a little odd, and a little ridiculous, much like an endzone celebration, but it seems impossible for me to stop. I do it without thinking about it, and it’s always the same! I may not dance in my chair, but my family always knows when I’ve found something or someone I’m looking for by that particular quirk of mine.

And I’m just sure I can’t be the only one out there. So come on, step forward and speak up. What’s YOUR genealogy touchdown dance?

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What’s your genealogy “endzone celebration”? — 2 Comments

  1. Great post and a good question! I can’t sit still after i’ve made a big discovery–I get up and pace around the kitchen, quietly congratulating myself (“All right! I knew it had to be somewhere!”) and thinking what to do next. Because, of course, one thing always seems to lead to another…

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