Research Outing: Kootenai County Library – Hayden Branch

I made an outing to the Hayden Branch of the Kootenai County Library today, which is something I’ve been meaning to do for months upon months. It’s a good two-hour drive, so I was waiting to couple that visit with something else in the area. As I needed a new laptop for the upcoming UGA conference I’m attending in Salt Lake (oh, and work too! Really, I need it for work, not just genealogy…honest!) and the best place to buy one was at the Best Buy only blocks away from that library (really, it was!), I figured I’d make a day trip of it.

For anyone living near Hayden, Idaho (pretty much in Coeur d’Alene), the Kootenai County Genealogical Society has their holdings in a dedicated part of the Hayden branch, which is a large, modern and lovely building. All of the staff were very helpful, and the genealogy selection was great. I highly recommend it as a research destination, as they also offer free genealogical research assistance on Wednesday afternoons from 1-4pm. They hold their meetings and classes at that library, too, and it makes me wish I lived closer to it! Still, it was a great place to do research, and even on a Sunday some of the genealogical society members and the volunteer librarian for that section were there and able to assist me with what I was looking for.

And just what was I looking for, anyway?

  1. I wanted newspaper abstracts from Nez Perce County which they happened to have on hand, handily (pun intended), so I able to get more tidbits on the Howes from those. For example, I learned one of Phineas’ cows fell down a steep hill in February of 1873 and died (quirky, but not so useful) and that Phineas himself was a County Commissioner for Idaho County in November of 1864 (less quirky, but highly useful – I have a new county and new records to check!)
  2. My main reason that I’ve been wanting to go to this library is because they have a rare copy of  the Loofboro/Loughborough/Loofbourrow/Lufberry, etc. genealogy by Milton R. Lufborrow (1953). I can get parts online, or I could buy it on for about $90 (no thanks), but I’d rather just take a peek and copy some bits, which is what I did. It’s a mess to read and it’ll take a while to figure out, but it was worth it. The next closest one was in Salt Lake!
All in all, a trip well worth it. And my new 14″ laptop is great!

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