31WBGB Week 5 – Contact a Reader

The 31 weeks challenge to a Better Genealogy Blog over at Tonia’s Roots for this week requires contacting a blog reader. Specific action items include:

  • Spend 10-15 minutes connecting with your readers, either via email or comments.
  • Make sure at least one contact is with a new reader.
  • If you don’t have many comments on your blog yet, then spend 10-15 minutes visiting other genealogy blogs and leave “relevant, helpful, and genuine comments.
Being a new genealogy blog, I don’t get many comments (I need to work on this!), but I love all of the ones I get. Each is like…a sparkly-wrapped present with chocolate inside (or something else equally awesome)! Due to that, I usually do spend the time to respond to each and every comment I get with a thank you or an answer if a question was put to me. I also make a point of visiting my favorite blogs or reading them through my google reader on a daily basis. Any posts that are helpful or interesting also receive a comment from me because I know how much I love to get comments, and I figure if I took the time to read it, it’s good enough that I should take the time to say thank you for it!

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31WBGB Week 5 – Contact a Reader — 6 Comments

    • Thanks for the encouragement, Cheryl! I just had a flashback to ‘Field of Dreams’, but with the image of my blog where the baseball diamond would be and geneabloggers coming out of the corn rows! That giggle made my morning.

  1. Wonderful post, Dana and, I agree with both, Tonia and Cheryl . . . you have a wonderful writing style and I enjoy reading your blog . . . I see many comments coming your way!

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